Comcast cripples Bittorrent


Comcast, taking a page out of the RIAA “Guide to Pleasing Customers, is now throttling Bittorrent traffic.ISPs have been throttling BitTorrent traffic for almost two years now. Most ISPs simply limit the available bandwidth for BitTorrent traffic, but Comcast takes it one step further, and prevents their customers from seeding. And Comcast is not alone in this, Canadian ISPs Cogeco and Rogers use similar methods on a smaller scale.

Apparently bittorrent encryption is not enough to stop it as has been possible with other packet shaping techniques. In most cases, it seems that a person can seed as long as they’re downloading. Once downloading is done, however, then seeding stops. Others have told about their download speeds being reduced. Still other reports of Comcast customers being able to seed to other Comcast customers, but not others.