“Bad Robot” is a Baaaaad Boy, Indeed.


So, Bad Robot (JJ Abrams’ company), the company behind the movie Cloverfield, which comes out today, has a very simple website. So simple, in fact, that I thought there had to be something hidden or something. It’s just a logo on a black background. So, I popped open the source to find out. What I found was scarier then the movie! The site was done in Microsoft Word 11. A company, whose cute running robot logo I’m sure if you’ve seen at night watching television (Alias and Lost), has a website like this up online????Ok, it get’s worse. Whoever did this site, and according to the metadata WHICH IS STILL IN THE HTML was Athena Wickham, left all the Word Doc code in the page, didn’t create a site title, and just over all botched it up. According to the metadata the page was created and last saved on June 12, 2007.

Don’t believe me? Check out the site for yourself. Now, I’m also going to save the source code and link to it from here for posterity. I really think that JJ Abrams could have a better site. I would gladly offer my services, JJ, if you ever read this!

Bad Robot Source Code