There are no advantages


I went to the Professional Photographers of America website because I was interested in joining. First of all, they do not make it easy to find out the rates. Apparently, the subscribe to the idea that we will “lead you through the site” and try to sell you on membership before springing the news on you. I, however, subscribe to the philosophy of making it easy on visitors to contact you, join your organization, buy stuff from you. So, we have a difference of opinion. Since I was on their site, I was stuck with their opinion. So, I clicked on About PPA since I figured that’s where they wanted me to start. My Journey of Discovery was cut short though when I clicked on the next natural link: The Advantages of Membership. Unfortunately, that left me with just one conclusion: there was no advantage.The moral of the story? Well, there are two, actually. First, make it easy on your visitors to get information. Not everyone has the time to invest in some breadcrumb searching to get to some hidden page. Second, make sure your dang links work!

As a final note, if you click on Join in the menu, you will find another link to the page: Advantages of Membership which does work! So, in one location, it doesn’t work, in the other location it does work. That’s quality design! Also, the only way I found to get to the rates is to begin the membership process. Six pages later after you’ve filled in all your information, you get to the rates.

Please, for the love of Pete, think about your visitors when designing your site. Make important information easy to get to. Even if your prices are expensive (the cheapest membership is $144 per year) put it out front. Don’t make people work to get it. Your going to alienate visitors. Some won’t even try because they may think it’s even higher. It’s just the right thing to do.