Digsby releases new version – fixes SNAC error.


Digsby just released a series of back to back updates last night fixing multiple bugs and the notorious SNAC error. Apparently, the SNAC error was caused by a change done on ICQ’s end. I updated early this morning and haven’t encountered it yet. Here’s some other updates from their blog:

  • New auto-update system: Digsby not launching due to partial updates should be a thing of the past. Since we are still using the old system to move to this build, a small portion of you will still need to run the installer if you get stuck.  If Digsby fails to start after this update, download and run the installer here.
  • Twitter Improvements: We have gotten a lot of feedback on the new Twitter implementation and much of that has been implemented. The new Twitter boasts improved performance, shorter default update timers, options to configure update timers, ability to manually update, and several other enhancements.
  • SNAC Error Fixed: This was caused by a protocol change on the ICQ servers and it is fixed in this build.

You should be able to get the update by restarting digsby. If not, or you have an issue doing the update, just download the new version from here.