Now on FriendFeed!


So, there has been much talk lately on a website called FriendFeed. Since I’m innately curious and have to try out new stuff I went and checked it out. It was incredibly easy to setup and was able to integrate all my stuff without a hitch. If you want to get my feed, you can do so by clicking here.Sign up is quick and simple in true Web 2.0 style. It asks you for very little information to get signed up. Gone are the days when you had to practically plug in your entire CV/Resume to get an account on a website. Once your done with that, you start adding your feeds. I added flickr,, this blog, Facebook, google, and my amazon wishlist. It takes all this information and creates one feed for it. Now, I can share that with the world!

You can also take this, add other peoples feeds you want to subscribe to, and it all gets mixed in to one feed.

Over all, I think it’s an interesting concept. Since they are a first mover they have the advantage right now. How these kinds of services work out time will only tell. There are several up and comers that are in private beta that are circling looking for a way to capitalize the market.