Xobni acquires IP from FireDrop


Xobni LogoOnce upon a time, in the halcyon days of Web 1.0 there was a little company called FireDrop that had a dream of revolutionizing email. The goal was to reduce email back and forth around things like scheduling meetings, coordinating events, etc. Any time an email turned into a thread, Zaplets may be more useful – all those responses would be brought right back into the original email. The Zaplet automatically updated itself in the original email, so long threads were avoided.Alas, the dreams turned into nightmares and after several rounds of financing worth millions of dollars FireDrop disappeared and after a few changing of hands ended up in the assets of MetricStream.

Fast forward to today and a fast growing little company called Xobni is on the scene with a goal of making email manageable. After passing up an acquisition offer by Microsoft, they dropped less then $1 Million to acquire a handful (ten) patents from MetricStream. 

Is this a play to get more money from Microsoft should the bankers come calling again? Only time will tell. Xobni is a great application and is very easy to use. It’s still in beta and can be downloaded from here.