Loren Feldman and Shel Israel bury the hatchett (Update2)


If you’ve been keeping up with the latest soap opera amongst the Web 2.0 digerati then you are well aware of the ongoing feud between Loren Feldman and Shel Israel. It’s swirling vortex of anger has sucked in the likes of Michael Arrington, Robert Scoble, and Jason Calacanis.On Saturday, on the 1938Media.com site an open letter was posted to Shel Israel saying in typical Loren Feldman style: It’s Over:

Dear Shel,

When I first started my career, you made it a point to bury me online, and more importantly back channel as well. This is a fact. You and your crew went out of your way to take food off my plate. I never forgot that, and now you have something you’ll never forget. You chose to blame Mike Arrington, Jason Calacanis, and myself when you should have been blaming yourself. Mike is busy taking on AP and the NY Times. Jason is taking on Google. I’m taking on TV, do you think anyone of us have the time or even give a shit enough about you to plot a conspiracy? Your arrogance and self importance is truly staggering. You brought this upon yourself through your own stupidity and by being mean.

People like the puppet more than you because he is more real than you are. More honest than you are, smarter than you are. More human than you are. People want the Shel puppet to win. The same can’t be said for you my friend.

And now it’s done, my little experiment with Social Media. I beat you with your own tools, in the arena in which you bill yourself an expert. You are an amateur Shel, an amateur, always remember that.

Don’t comment, don’t say anything.
Just send me an email where to send the registrar info and you can have www.shelisrael.com. The puppet will live on forever though, I just like the little bastard, he makes me and a lot of people smile. Perhaps you’ve learned some humility. Good luck to you Shel, you are going to need it.


Someone posting as Shel in the comments seems to accept that it’s over, but did not have Loren’s email address to request the registrar information. Whether or not this is the real Shel Israel I don’t know. But, maybe it is. However, Loren’s email address is on the About page and if Shel can’t figure that out, then he really should pick another field to work in like maybe Building Maintenance or something.

Some of you might be dismayed that this feud is over which polarized the Web 2.0 landscape. Well, don’t worry. Further down in the comments was this comment from Dave Winer:

Now would you also cancel the vendetta against me. I just heard today what you think I said to or about your girlfriend. Loren, listen to this carefully — it never happened. Think about it. What if you got this wrong. How the fuck are you ever going to make it up.

Accusing a man of abusing women is the worst thing you can say about him. You really have fucked up here big time. And if you feel like a mensch, you should apologize, cause you really wronged me. Swear to god.

PS: I heard about it from a woman friend who knows your girlfriend. I asked her to let her know that what you said about me is absolutely untrue.

By Dave Winer on Jun 28, 2008

Is this going to be the latest feud to erupt? Who knows. I hope Dave Winer, as one of the pioneers of this field, can stay above it and let whatever is going on between them go.

The story has even been picked up by the Guardian where Jack Schofield said:

But somehow I don’t think this sort of escalation is going to help Israel’s case, even if it’s true. He’s just drawing more attention to stuff that is only of interest to a tiny minority of a tiny minority. It’s not even of interest to most bloggers, just a subset of Twitter users.

This begs the question, if it’s such a uninteresting story except to “a tiny minority of a tiny minority” then why is the Guardian covering it?