Dumping Twitter for FriendFeed? Use one of these


Over on TechCrunch they’ve posted 13 usefull utilities for those who are migrating over to FriendFeed from Twitter. Personally, I use twhirl. It works great and supports: Twitter and FriendFeed, and updates Jaiku and Pownce.



  1. What half the problem is here is that you, amongst many others, need to realize that there is no more JOE Nerd. Any ex-employees from that company still need to go on making a living. many of the employees have been victimized as well. Do you think it’s fair to judge or penalize these people for trying to build up their own careers and businesses? Not everyone from that company screwed people over.Any company after Joe Nerd does not deserve to be treated like they are STILL Joe Nerd. Those who don’t work for Joe Nerd nor the Nerdy Work platform simply – DO NOT WORK FOR THEM and don’t want to be invloved in this gossip column.

      • Well that is good to know. I hope next time you verify accurate information before you post what anonymous sources tell you.I was the one who found the – Late night call – blog post. Scott is one of my family members and I knew that info was wrong and also some too detailed for it not to be identified.
        I actually look forward to see any of your more positive posts. Where do you find your stories? (and I am not being sarcastic here).

  2. I would also like to bring this to the table since we all have business that we would like to see succeed without being destroyed by false nonsense:
    “I pride myself in being able to handle all my clients needs so that they don’t have to go to multiple companies. As a web and graphic design company located in the Verde Valley, I know how important it is for my customers to be able to work with a company that understands them and their needs. Whether they are located in Cottonwood or Sedona, they want to be able to work with someone who can take their project from concept to fruition and “get the job done” without a lot of hand holding. This is cheaper, more efficient, and faster for my clients so that their message gets to market FAST!”
    Taken from your own website, Jason, this is the same attitudes we all have. How would you feel if you couldn’t ‘get the job done’ and you couldn’t “handle all my clients needs” because this type of blog and ongoing fiasco was taking from your time and your business. You are a web designer. How did you get sucked into a paparazzi? Half the world doesn;t know REAL information. Take celebrities for example : what do you really know about them? The only information you get is what they tell you. Why? Because they own it and can bend the truth all they want. Do you think this is fair?
    What would your reaction be to see a blog about your wife or your children that you knew was false, yet posted ALL OVER the web for everyone to see? What do you think you would do about that? Do you think this is fair?? If you are a talented web designer with clients, do you think they don’t see this nonsense online? How do you explain yourself? This isn’t professional.
    A few facts about Scott: Scott took many classes and completed them with a 4.0 GPA. There are certificates he achieved and award for head of the class in IT and computer related skills. Scott received many promotions from companies he worked at, and worked very hard at (non including any such people related to JOE NERD). These were REAL jobs that he worked very hard at. Scott continues to work very hard. He also has a family, and he works around the clock to ensure his technicians are well taken care of and his business stays afloat because of his hard efforts. Do you know any of this? Do you know him personally? No.
    I have seen the awards, the certificates, and have had first hand experience in witnessing the skills and persistance that man has. You need a compuet built? Troubleshooting? Tech support? Anything? Ask him. This is because he studies IT in school and succeeded.
    Everyone wants to succeed in this lifetime. What gain does anyone have to try to put someone down when they have not done anything to anyone? Jason – what has Scott done wrong to you? Do you think that this blog is helping anyone? You stated that many people who posted were unheard. If thats the case, why are you continuing to destroy innocent hard working people? Imagine one of your children trying hard to succeed, and then someone comes along and starts a parade of boycotters in attempt to destroy your child’s success. What if your wife got a promotion and someone came along and started to ‘claim’ she got the promotion for some ‘other reason’ rather than knowledge from school and dedicated hard work?
    Ask yourself – how would this make you feel? Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Build your web design business and do what you claim to be good at, and let other do what they are honestly good at.
    This is not professional, and this is outrageous. Is your attempt at this some personal gain for someone who hurt you in your past? Is this a twisted form of revenge, only on people YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW?
    How do you make money off of this? This is your family owned business? Do you get paid to lie about innocent people? Is your wife proud of you for this? Is this a good example to set for your daughters?
    What do you think? I think the answer is obvious. Retracted statements, original statements, or initial postings – honestly, what is it you are trying to do here?

    • As I have already said in my post. I did not personally attack Scott. I wrote what the person who called me said. On the same day I spoke with Clarence and Scott I retracted the post. I’m sure if you read my site yo would see that Joe Nerd and Clarence and Scott make up a very very small percentage of the topics that I cover.

      • But what you are failing to realize is that keeping this up, is destoying people and making their jobs much harder.I feel for those who didn’t get paid. But to start bringing in people who work for other companies into the picture is just wrong. If you had nothing to do with a company who didn’t pay people for the work you did, and then your business got attacked and continued to become part of the ‘web’ of bantor and slander and gossip, how would you feel?
        Global Gateway is Global Gateway. Joe Nerd is Joe Nerd. Pro Service Techs is Pro Service Techs.
        If you own this blog, why don’t you just shut it down and have these people take actions on their own.
        In case you haven’t noticed, people are starting to talk about how Global Gateway is legit and has no connection with Joe Nerd. Perhaps the people who did work at Joe Nerd had no idea techs were not getting paid. If you work in a company, you are not going to now everything that is going on. You do your job to the best that you have been told, hoping they are steering you in the right direction.
        What you are doing is continuing to drag out this issue. LET IT DIE.
        Yes, I read a lot of your other topics, and some of them were very intersting and REFRESHING to read. Why don’t you focus on those good topics? This industry is tough. People like you who are making a moutain out of this are just adding to the soreness of the industry.
        How could new companies get off their feet when they see stuff like this online. You started this whole thing.
        When you initially got a phone call or an e-mail regarding all this back when, what were you going to do about it? Where have you helped in this matter? Did you pay the techs? Did you resolve the issue? No.
        So why keep this up? Your post about Joe Nerd is not helping good honest companies. However, for their sakes, people are realizing the difference between good and bad. You acting like a daily bugle is doing nothing but keeping this mess ongoing. Maybe that is your goal? To cause chaos?? Do you like causing chaos? What happened to fair peace and harmony?
        Again, these people can act upon getting money back from Joe Nerd through many other ways than a bitch fest blog.
        My suggestion to you would be to remove it all. You have that power since it is YOUR blog. You are responsible. Think about it – in the end, if something catastrophic comes out of this…aren’t you going to be responsible since it’s your blog and you kept this fight going???
        And you said you retracted the post. No you didn’t it’s still up there with a link to be able to see it. That isn’t retracting it?? Retracting is rermoving. Perhaps even an apology for broadcasting a he- said- she- said conversation you had with an ANONYMOUS caller.
        Scott has no intentions of being on your call tuesday. If anyone were smart no one would. You broadcasted about the call follwong with – MORE DETAILS TO COME. Are you serious? I reiterate: You are the cause and the continuing outrage of this mess. Be proud. Perhaps where a badge for accomplishing nothing. I imagine your conference call is going to be nothing but irrate technicians complaining. In that case, just read your fiasco blog and you’ll get the same effect.
        Don’t disgrace yourself any further. It would be in your best interest because maybe one day you might find yourself in the same position as Scott or Global Gateway. I hope you don’t. I hope no one does this to you and your family. You have no morals, nor do you have any respect for people’s privacy, business success, and just plain self dignity.
        Your clients would not be pleased to know that you go on line and lie about people, or just take any old NO ONE’s word over the truth and throw it out on line for anyone in the world to see.
        I hope you can vouch for your unethical behavior.

        • I’m surprised to find out that Scott isn’t going to be on the conference call since the last time I spoke with them they agreed to it. We discussed the details and I said I would put it on my blog that we were going to have it and everything was ok. I don’t know why he’s backing out now. All three of us agreed that it would be the best way to handle this situation and put it to bed once and for all. All sides could have their voices heard. In fact, Scott said he could bring in hundreds of people to call in to take up his cause. So why back out now????
          The statement about “more details to come” was simply to inform people that more details about the call was coming. I have updated the post at least once since then with – more details!
          Second, when I spoke with Scott I told him in what fashion I was going to retract it. I felt that this was the best way to handle it. People can see what happened and understand the context. It’s no different then what any other blog publisher does. I can show you plenty of examples. I have stated publicly as well as privately to Scott and Clarence that I felt that the person who called me that night either had an ax to grind or some vendetta against him because after speaking with him more then once that day I felt he was telling the truth.
          Finally, I have stayed neutral in this subject for a long time. I have not taken a side either way. It has served as a forum for various interested parties to be heard. To simply delete the three posts and all the associated comments would serve as an extreme disservice to all those involved.
          Anyway, I hope Scott changes his mind.

          • A disservice? What SERVICE are you providing? A bitch fest post? You are not shrink and hav not offered any good advice? So how are you helping? These people need to move on and start up again working and doing it for the right people. Or, if they are that distraught over it, go see a shrink. I actually am considering a blog to help those who have issues. In my blog, I will actually LISTEN AND ADVISE. Not sit back and get a hard on for people’s anger.You have not stayed neutral. That is a complete line of bull and you are in denial. If you stayed neutral, the blog wouldn’t exist. You cause problems. How is that neutral? You make good companies that are post-Joe Nerd companies have to over work for credibility. That is mainly not your fault, but you have added much fuel to the fire.
            This will hopefull die on its own. Unless you keep broadcasting crap and egging on techs to come on and bash and bitch about people.
            I laugh as I type this. This is what you do for a living?? I’m wondering – does this pay well? I might consider leading a blog of bologna and start charging people five dollars a post. At the rate you have mustered up, I could be rich!
            Give up dude. At this point, you are causing problems and now making yourself look like a low class fool.

          • And as for Scott not showing up for the call – HE IS NOT JOE NERD. What’s the point. He has nothing to prove and is trying to run his business. This would be a clear waste of time. He was advised not to get on that call, and if he didn’t, it’s the smartest thing he could have done. Out of outrage from your first post about all of his personal background that you were so misinformed about, he may have said he was going to get on that call. Now, after some LOGICAL thinking, don’t be surprised if he didn’t show. That doesn’t make him a coward nor hiding either. the right people now how to get in touch with him, and I assure you, no one has any qualms about what he does with his business now.

          • I have not missed any point. He is doing the right thing. Maybe one day you can post a GOOD blog about how successful he is and will remain.Done here now.

          • You are the one who keeps coming back here and posting comments. I moved on a long time ago. Take a look, I’ve posted about a lot of things besides Joe Nerd. I don’t keep broadcasting anything. You need to get over this issue you have with me.

  3. I can’t speak for everyone, but Nerdy works has still not paid me for two service calls. One of the calls they said they weren’t reponsible for because they said they didn’t give me a new number. That doesn’t excuse them for the first call.
    I’ve spoke to and emailed clarence and have to this day, never received one penny from them, and had my merchant account canceled by sending letters to First Data’s legal department.
    Clarence is a con artist, and will tell you what you want to hear, and will never pay you the money they owe you.

    • I to have been a part of the Joe Nerd shake down. I have been trying to make it work for several months and it is getting to be to much. Can someone post how you went about canceling the First Data contract, I just cant pay for that anymore.
      Thanks in advance.