Why you should be using OpenDNS


OpenDNS Logo
OpenDNS Logo
Yesterday, CERT released a notice that many DNS vendors are vulnerable to a particularly evil form of DNS Cache Poisoning. Furthermore, there are companies like Road Runner which redirect you to spammy sites when you typo domain names instead of just reporting an error and letting your browser show a 404 or whatever.

There are better alternatives to getting 404s, dealing with a slow ISPs ability to fix their DNS, and even dealing with ISP’s who have sold out and are directing you to spam when you make an honest typo. I recommend OpenDNS. They are prebuilt with anti-phishing technology to help protect you from criminals, they don’t use ad-laden pseudo search engines that don’t help you at all, and they are fast. Finally, they were one of the only DNS providers who were not vulnerable to the latest security threat.

If you are looking to use a better DNS service that actually helps you then I suggest OpenDNS. It’s so simple to get started and they walk you right through it. It can be as simple as changing the DNS in your router or updating the DNS in your network settings on your computer.

And no, I’m not getting paid to promote them. It’s my honest belief that if everyone used a more reliable DNS, the Internet would be a safer place.