Jason Calacanis retires from blogging – email only folks!


Jason Calacanis - Internet CelebrityJason Calacanis, A-List Internet Celibrity and idolized by millions, announced that he is retiring from blogging today via his email list. His last post on his blog confirmed it. He’s closing the doors and moving on. He swears this isn’t a Jay-Z or Michael Jordan style retirement where he’ll come back out of retirement to play baseball or release a new album. He’s staying strictly email only from now on. He’s taking it back old-school style.

From the email he sent out today:

One hundred of you responded with amazing suggestions to my email last night. After that I realized that blogging is not longer the medium for me–email is. 100 amazing suggestions in 12 hours from a pool of around 500 email subscribers. That’s 20% response rate with really considered words and no drama. Compare that to posting to my blog, twitter, or FriendFeed accounts and the decision was clear to me: less is much, much more.

Also, I’ve decided to cut the membership of this list off at 750… after that I’m going to add folks manually at a rate of no more than one a day.