Just Leap In Review


JustLeapIn doesn't make me happyYou may remember my review back on July 9th of Google Lively. You may also have noticed that since that day I haven’t used it. Yeah, it was that much fun. So, now we have a new virtual worlds service called Just Leap In.

I was able to quickly get a login for the service even though it’s in what some may call a “closed beta.” The site is much nicer looking then Google Lively. Perhaps the thought of Google entering their space prompted them to pretty it up some. It’s got a nice Web 2.0 look going for it. Currently, it’s in Beta 0.7.6.

I logged in to the account. I tried to use the option to remember my login/password but even though the checkbox was there, I couldn’t check it. Once logged in I’m prompted with a few options. I chose “Your Spaces” because I want to jump leap right in. Like Google Lively, you have to install some sort of add on. This is called the Leap Web Player. Once that’s done, you can create a space. I told it what template i wanted to use and hit create. . . and nothing happened. Now, bear in mind I’m using FF3. Something else I noticed beside the lack of response, was that while using wordpress to write this blog post and having leap open in a seperate window, the browsers response was quite sluggish. The mouse was slow to respond and these words I’m writing right now are showing up slow. I have a fairly robust laptop. I stupped Jungle Disk from backing up my system, I have Outlook, Digsby and iTunes going. So, that’s about it. I fired up process explorer to see what is going on and saw that firefox was using about 45 to 50 percent of my system resources. That’s quite a bit and I wasn’t very happy to see that. I closed the window that leap was running in and immediately system resources returned to normal.

I opened a new window and tried again. When I logged in I saw that it had, in fact, created a new space for me. I went to the space and saw that I only had one tab – for controls. I had no other tabs available so I could not customize my suicide watch looking room.

My next step was to try my luck in IE 8. Lucky me, IE8 wasn’t supported. It says I’m free to continue, but my reality might be slightly warped. No kidding, I couldn’t enter my login and password at all. I pushed the option to emulate IE7 (yuck!) and tried again. Interestingly enough, that worked, and I could even check the box to remember my login and password!

I click on my space and wait for it to load in the browser. This time something is happening. I see a lot of loading bricks falling from the sky and hitting the ground. As the numbers increase while It’s loading my environment space, I notice that everying is slowing down again on my system.

Finally, everything is loaded and I have all kinds of options to mess with. Unfortunately, it’s so freaking laggy that it’s unusable to me. Apparently, my system just can’t handle it. I thought that a 3ghz dual core system with 2 gigs of ram would be enough but I must be wrong. I grew frustrated with it and closed the browser.

Thus, my review was over.