Microsoft Launches Launchy Clone


Microsoft Speed LaunchMicrosoft released, today, their own clone of launchy and other quick app launchers. They are calling it “Speed Launch” and it’s still in that ever famous “beta” stage that is standard amonst software developers now. There is one caveat when you go to install this program. You must agree to have usage metrics sent to Microsoft HQ.

One other interesting side note, it will use your default web browser when you go to launch web pages. This is quite a change of pace for a company that would ignore your default selection in preference to Internet Explorer.

I, personally, started using launchy when i switched from vista to xp and loved it. Recently I switched back to Vista and tried to use the search box in the start menu but it’s just not the same. You get so used to hitting alt-space and quickly type something that it becomes ingrained. On top of that, launchy “learns” what apps your wanting based on what you type. Vista never figures out that when i type Photoshop I’m wanting Photoshop, not Photoshop Lightroom just because that’s first in the list. So, I’m reinstalling launchy on my system today.