Why I’ll never go back to Sprint


I, personally, had long since gave up using Sprint after they wouldn’t remove the insurance off my cell phone unless I renewed my contract. Then, there was the time when I had bought a sprint phone from Radio Shack and when it broke, I had to take it back to Radio Shack. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except that they wouldn’t exchange my phone, they would only send it back to Texas for them to repair it. It was a process that would take a month. No Sprint store would touch my phone because it was flagged as being bought from Radio Shack. Yes, it had insurance that I was paying Sprint for. But they wouldn’t replace my phone; I had to take it back to Radio Shack. So, I don’t use it anymore.Now, my in laws all are on Sprint. There are 12 phones in use all on the Sprint network. My wife and I are the lone hold outs using T-Mobile which has always provided us with excellent customer service. Sprint, on the other hand, seems to hate their customers (which explains why they lost nearly a million customers in the last quarter). Most recently, my FMIL (favorite Mother In Law) bought the new Samsung Instinct. She hasn’t had it 30 days and it’s already giving her problems. It’s dropping calls, it randomly lost all of her contacts, it won’t ring and instead calls go straight to voicemail even with a full signal. It’s just been crap.

She called Sprint and after a couple of hours on the phone they said they would replace it. But, they are out of stock at Sprint and it would take at least a month before they could send her one out. That is, unless she can go to a Sprint store and get it exchanged. The Sprint store in Prescott said they were out. The Sprint store in Happy Valley was in stock. I found and called the Sprint store in Prescott Valley and asked them if they had any. They said yes they did and I told them that my mother would be there to pick it up. They asked me for her name and I told them and they said they would hold it for her.

When she showed up about 15 minutes later and told them what was going on they told her “we’re out of that model.” Fortunately, I had called and knew that was a lie and even had the name of the rep who had told me to “tell her to ask for Seth.” So she did. That’s when they said, “well, we do have them in stock, but not for e-tickets or warranty exchanges.”

This is the type of service that Sprint provides it’s customers. She has 5 lines on her account and they won’t exchange her phone in the store instead making her “deal with it” for a month.

This is why I won’t use them.