Comcast to Double Speeds, Not Prices


Despite all the crap about their metered Internet connections, the latest news from Comcast is intriguing. Facing increasing competition from Verizon’s FIOS, they almost had to do something. They decided to go with doubling their speeds but keeping the prices the same. The only tier not seeing an increase in bandwidth is the Economy tier. I imagine this is an added effort to get customers to upgrade.

  • Performance: 6/1 Mbps will now get 12/2 Mbps for $42.95 a month.
  • Performance Plus: 8/2 Mbps will get 16/2 for $52.95 a month.
  • Economy: Unchanged at $24.95 for 768 kbps down/384 kbps up.
  • Ultra: 22/5 Mbps for $62.95 a month. (Will update to 30/5 Mbps.)
  • Extreme Fifty: 50/10 Mbps for $139.95

The last two tiers do require $3-a-month rental fee for a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

No word on whether or not all tiers will come with Comcast’s new 250GB monthly cap but it’s safe to say that they will. All tiers will also be subject the company’s new “bandwidth management” system, which temporarily puts heavy users on a special, lower quality of service (QOS) “bus” only if their local node is seeing congestion, and if they’re using more than 70% of their allotted throughput.

Source: DSL Reports