The Art of Selling in 5 Easy Steps


Most web workers make one big mistake when it comes to selling: They hate it with a passion. We can sell other people’s products or services, but when it comes to selling our own it’s the end of the world.That is an attitude you have to learn to get past. Here are some simple tips to help you do just that.

1. Don’t think of yourself as a trickster. You help people invest in something they want. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be talking to you about it.

2. Find out what the client really wants. Work hard to give them that. The end result will be you will grow and prosper and so will your client.

3. People like (and will) buy from a person they like. They will not, under any circumstances, buy from somebody they do not like. Your job is to be a likable person.

4. Expanding on #3, people like people who like them. Be friendly, but not too friendly, with your potential client. Ask them questions and show a geniune (not fake) interest in them.

5. People will often do what they think is expected of them. Broadcast a feeling that you expect them to buy from you and often they will.

You need to build a good rapport with your client or prospect. Be on friendly terms with them. Be sure to listen to your client. The more you listen, the more you will sell. If you find yourself being to chatty, pull it back a little. Ask open questions that don’t require a yes, no, or a number. Get the client to open up and do most of the talking. People like to hear themselves talk and they love to be listened to.

When you first approach a new selling situation, there is an invisible brick wall between you and the prospective client. Through your actions, brick by brick, that wall will either come down or build up. By following the above steps, you will tear down that wall and build a new bond of friendship and prosperity with your client.

Finally, never stop learning and improving your work. Through continued growth you will attract new clients and new adventures as you build your business.


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