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pageSlide for jQueryI ran across this today about a new jQuery plugin called pageSlide.

From the Google Code page:

jquery-pageslide is a plugin for jQuery that slides the viewable webpage off-screen, revealing and populating a secondary interaction pane. It may be used in a similar manner to Lightbox, where screen real estate and centralization of the user experience are a concern.

What happens is this: In a typical web page you have a header, a content area split into main content and a side bar, and finally a footer. You create an anchor tag for pageslide and when a person clicks on the link, a sidebar appears from the side. It litteraly slides onto the screen.

Here’s what the code looks like:

<!– Start jQuery pageSlide code –>

$(document).ready(function() {
width: “350px”

<!– end jQuery pageSlide code –>

And then, here’s the html:



It doesn’t get much simpler then that does it? Are you ready to start implementing it into one of your sites? Click here to get started.