Is Twitter Good For Business?


I’m sure you’ve heard about Twitter by now. It’s that little social media phenomenon that has millions and millions of users. It’s so popular that even movie stars, rock stars, and politicians have joined the band wagon. It’s been used in disaster recovery, judicial proceedings, and more.With all these eyeballs out there, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How can I monetize this, Jason?”

Well, fortunately for you, I have an answer.

First, here’s a couple of examples:

Company: Naked Pizza

Service: Healthy Pizza

Results: A 15% increase in business during a trial run. Every phone call and order was tracked to find out where it came from.

Company: Berry Chill

Service: Yogurt

Results: 1,100 yogurts were given away during a twitter based promotion but dollar income stayed the same showing that existing customers standing in line attracted people who hadn’t tried it.

Twitter has amazing business promotion opportunities. It’s a service that’s easily available to anyone with a cell phone, PDA, smart phone, laptop or regular PC.

With the number of addons that are available for the service you can easily send a “tweet” and see how many times it has been clicked on and track it’s performance. Couple that with the analytics you run on your own site, and you can see where your traffic is coming from.

Having a twitter presence is the next evolutionary step from email marketing campaigns. It’s personal, it’s reactionary, and it puts you directly in touch with your customers. Your no longer, “that business down the street.” You are now, “that person I talk to on the Internet who owns XYZ Company.” That is revolutionary.

Here’s Five Key Tips to effectively use Twitter

1. You must track every sale. You want to know where your sales are coming from. Your POS system should have a way of tracking the origins of your sales. Was it a coupon, box top, Word of Mouth, or TWITTER? Just like the Naked Pizza company that found that 15% of their shops sales on one day was due to the Tweetie Pie promo they ran you should know where your sales are coming from.

2. You need to create a conversation. The old days of Monolithic Corp sending out generic ads are over. In the era of the small business you need to engage your customers. You need to converse with them. You can’t afford to sit back in your office and stand off from your customers. You need to engage in conversations with them. Even if you, personally, can’t do it, someone in your organization should be doing it on your behalf. Or, you should have an outside company do it for you.

3. Use Twitters immediacy to unload last-minute inventory. Let’s say you have some inventory that needs to be sold or thrown out. Use Twitter to run a promotion to offload it at a discount. Maybe you have a lull in business? Do what a Theater in Minnesota did and run a promotion selling some tickets at a discount to drive word of mouth advertising and get their sales back on track.

4. Let followers know when you are on the go. This works great for a taco truck in L.A. The KogiBBQ is a mobile taco truck that notifies their 20,000 followers where they are at any time of day!

5. Finally, remember that this isn’t Facebook. Twitter is immediate. When you hit send it goes out onto the Internet like a wild stallion. If someone doesn’t check their twitter feed for an hour they will miss messages. On Facebook, you can go for a day and not miss anything. Twitter is life streaming. It’s constantly and relentlessly updating. And that is your advantage.

Want to know more about how you can use Twitter to increase sales, build a brand relationship with your customers, and expand your opportunities? Contact me for more information.