Free Stuff from Envato!

Net Plus: the best web development tutorials.

This month the folks over at Envato are starting something new. They are giving away premium content from each of their content sites (VideoHive, FlashDen, ThemeForest, AudioJungle, and GraphicRiver).

These sites are all part of the Envato family of sites which consists of my favorites: the tuts sites. nettuts, vectortuts, psdtuts, etc are all great sites that provide a wealth of knowledge. The detailed tutorials, access to premium content, source files, and the premium tutorials is worth the very little bit of money that it costs. I’m notoriously cheap and hardly ever subscribe to content but this and pandora is two that are on my must have list. You get access to ALL of their tutorial sites including PSD, Net, Vector, Flash, CG, and After Effects. Try it out, if for any reason you get unhappy with it, they’ll give you a FULL REFUND! How can you lose?