AT&T is Sensitve About It’s Network Coverage


After Verizon came out with it’s “There’s A Map For That” campaign AT&T has been sulking the corner. The big bad Verizon bully thoroughly embarrassed it in front of it’s friends and classmates by pointing out all it’s flaws. Now, with nothing left to do, it’s running off to the teacher to whine about how Verizon is being mean to it.AT&T claims that the map that Verizon shows in the ad has white spaces and that it’s implied that AT&T has no network coverage there. Of course, anybody with two working brain cells hears the ad clearly state that it’s showing 3G coverage and not generic coverage. The whole point of the ad is that Verizon has a MUCH bigger 3G network then AT&T. Even the fine print (which no one reads but it’s there to keep lawyers happy) points out that it’s 3G network coverage.

What’s funny is that AT&T isn’t asking the judge to make Verizon change any of the wording the ad. They just want Verizon to stop showing the map because that really really REALLY hurts. The map is what drives the point home.

“The ads are serving to inform customers where the coverage critical to operating a smart phone is available,” said Brenda Raney, a Verizon Wireless spokeswoman. “Considering their limited 3G coverage, our competitor should examine whether they are misleading customers with their fastest 3G network claim.”

What Brenda is referring to is AT&T’s ads talking about how great their 3G network is and how fast it is.

I’m no fan of either company, I’m actually a T-Mobile fan. Watching these two companies beat each other up makes me happy. If I had a fancy smart phone I would probably get a Droid which would stick me on Verizon. Verizon is the only provider with 3G coverage where I live (the mountains of Arizona). There’s no AT&T 3G coverage for miles and miles and miles. So, I just won’t get one.

For those of you who haven’t seen this ad where Verizon kicks dirt in the eyes of AT&T here it is: