5 Tips For Getting in Real Time Search Results on Google


I’m often asked how do I take advantage of Real Time Search results? Quickly followed by, will it help me in the search engines? The best ways to accomplish those are amazing similar to other forms of more “traditional” social media.

Step 1: Use RELEVANT Keywords

A healthy use of relevant keywords will help your content be found in the search engines and real time search results and, of course, with people. Think about what people are going to include in their updates if/when they share it on sites like Facebook or Twitter. Nine times out of ten they will include the title of the article, right? The more times that title is spread around the more times it’s linking back to your article. If someone does a search on those keywords, the more often either your content or a link to your content will show up. Even when your not sharing a post you’ve written, if you want your twitter update to show up on the search engines then you need to use RELEVANT keywords.

Step 2: It helps to talk about TIMELY EVENTS

Writing about current events can get you directly in front of people who are searching for those events but only if you use the right keywords. It goes without saying that this is something spammers have already figured out. But you’re not a spammer, right??? Writing about current events and keeping your updates non spammy (not putting 20 links in your post) will endear you to you readers and show that you are a legitimate source of information.

Step 3: Having a LOT OF FOLLOWERS doesn’t hurt!

Of course, having an army of followers hanging on your every word doesn’t hurt. You won’t build an army overnight, but with thoughtful posts and some promotion it will happen. Make it easy for people to follow you with handy social media buttons, too.


Wherever you are posting at, try to start a conversation. That means you need to talk about subjects that your target audience is interested in. The more conversations you are involved in the more opportunity your content will have to show up in real time search results either through retweets or just organically showing up in the engines.

Step 5: Make it easy to share on other social networks.

Again, you need to make it easy for your content to be shared. Put buttons on your blog or website (or both!) that make it easy for you to be shared. When you write a post on your blog, have easy buttons/links at the bottom (look at this post for example) that make it easy for that post to be shared.

If you follow these easy steps, you will have gone a long way to getting your updates to appear in the real time search results on sites like Google and Bing. This is the next battleground in search engine optimization/marketing and you need to be well prepared for it. Google has been working on this since Google Finance first came out which shows you just how important it is.