Advice to a New Web Designer


If there is any advice I can give you it’s this. Just because you are new and starting out does not mean you have to work for cheap or work for free. People will take advantage of that. Your time is worth money and you are a business owner who deserves to get paid. Don’t tell people you are learning or just getting started. It’s ok that you are, but you know what? We ALL ARE still learning. In this industry you never stop learning. If you do, you’ll get left behind. You take a job, it might be a little out of your field of knowledge, so you read up, study, and then figure out how to implement it. Your client is happy and you have a better understanding or new skill. Everybody wins. If you are any good then you will spend hours each week learning new skills, improving your technique, keeping up with the latest trends, and broadening your skills. Attorneys have to get 15 credit hours of continuing legal education a year. Nobody gives them crap or pays them less because they are still learning. Don’t let your client boss you around or make you work for less. You are a professional and deserve to be treated as such.