Only Two in Five Adults Read The Daily Newspaper


I’ve been saying this for years and the stats are backing my story. The era of the daily printed newspaper is coming to an end. Why? Because the younger the age group, the less they read it (either in print or online). However, 82% of adults read the newspaper at least once a month. Do you want more bad news for Dead Tree Media? Four in Five adults say they are unwilling to pay for online content from their daily newspaper. The main cause of this decline is that people can go online and get their news from anywhere so going to one location each day for it doesn’t make any sense. There is no sense of loyalty to one particular news source. I, personally, go to which pulls news from everywhere and learns my likes and dislikes and brings me news it knows I’ll find interesting.Newspapers will need to differentiate themselves and find new ways to create brand loyalty in the Internet age. Charging for content nobody wants or that can be found anywhere is not the answer.

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