RIAA and MPAA Wants Spyware On Your Computer


Hot on the heels of the Government Accounting Office blew the lid off their lies on how much piracy is costing them they have come out with a hole new list of things they want the government do be their lap dog.Here is a list of the ways they want to screw over your life and completely dictate how you live.

* spyware on your computer that detects and deletes infringing materials;
* mandatory censorware on all Internet connections to interdict transfers of infringing material;
* border searches of personal media players, laptops and thumb-drives;
* international bullying to force other countries to implement the same policies;
* and free copyright enforcement provided by Fed cops and agencies (including the Department of Homeland Security!).

They want money taken from other agencies to police our borders for terrorists to make sure you aren’t stealing a Michael Bay DVD. They want it so if you take an iPod across the border to Canada they can search that iPod and then tell you that the music you have on it is not legal and take your iPod (or laptop!).

When is this going to end?