4Over.com has bad customer service


I admit it. I haven’t printed anything in a while. Consequently, my account at 4Over.com was suspended for inactivity. They are kind enough to have a message on their site that allows you to request your account to be reactivated.

So I did so. You can see where it plainly says I can contact customer service to have my account reinstated.

That’s when I got this email back from their membership department:

Dear Customer,

4over is constantly working to keep our system up to date and
efficient. To protect our current customers and the integrity
of our system, when an account shows inactivity for a period of
90 days or longer it has been necessary to deactivate the
account. If a customer is placing orders on a consistent basis
there should be no interruption in service.

No accounts that have been dormant for over 90 days will be reactivated.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,

The 4over Membership Group

So, my account get’s suspended. They give you two options to contact support to get it reinstated. Then, they drop the anvil on your head telling you that “we don’t reactivate suspended accounts.” How wonderful. What if I was bidding a job for a client and I know the numbers they charge by heart. I get the job and go to place my order and get this?

Fortunately, there’s other trade printers out there. I recommend this company. I know the developer who built the site and I’ve done business with the printers when I still was in California. I just found out this week that they have this website now. So, I will be using them for my future printing needs.