Nigerian Scammer Fake Female Profile on Facebook


So I had this person named Jenny Smith suddenly add me on facebook out of the blue. I noticed that she had done this to a lot of people. Her profile page was pretty vague. So, I decided to go ahead and add her because I was bored. Sure enough, within just a few minutes of me adding her we had this email exchange:

Jenny Smiths June 15 at 11:48am

How are u doing today hun..?

Jason Shultz June 15 at 11:51am

Fine. u?

Jenny Smiths June 15 at 11:57am

I am pretty Good..Well Thanks for asking Hun…I was just browsing on some profile when i came across your profile and i found it attracted i like all what u said about yourself and i know u must have something in the past which u wont like to tell people,i will like to know those things Because it seems we have the same things in common.i will like to get to know you more better and see where things take us to..i am looking for two things .RELATIONSHIP & FRIENDSHIP,I Will like to get to know you more better from that friendship it might lead us to relationship..

Jason Shultz June 15 at 11:59am

we’ll see.

Jenny Smiths June 15 at 12:03pm

Yeah Can u Tell me more about your self Hun..?If U don’t Mind

Jason Shultz June 15 at 12:04pm

tell me more about yourself first?

Jenny Smiths June 15 at 12:05pm

Ok I will Hun lol…U funny hahahaha why not ya first

Jenny Smiths June 15 at 12:05pm


Jason Shultz June 15 at 12:06pm


Jenny Smiths June 15 at 12:23pm

My name is Jenny Smith. I am 25 years of age was born on augs 17 1984. I am the only child of my parents and i am also a single lady never been in married with any man and i have no kids yet but i am willing to have one with someone who is ready to be loved by the beauty of my heart and who’s looking for a long term relationship. Well my dad is from American. My dad and mom got to meet in USA and that’s where i was born. I grew up with my mom and dad in USA but when i was at age of 4 years my mom and dad had as accident on there way coming back from a night club this make me sad …. i was brought up by My mom aunt …called Pricilia, I grew up with my mom aunt,she took me as her daughter and i was very happy she loved me with all her heart.I decided to take my faith and believe she’s the only one i have around me and she’s my only family. But this was so painful she didnt stay long with me before she died of heart attack when i was 17 years of age. So since then i have being living the life of my own doing the best i can, in how to be honest in my life. I believed in my self and i stayed faithful to my self. I am really a devoted christian and i believe so much in Christ. God has really been my father and my mother and he has also been my provided in all that i needed. Well this is the little story about my self which i think i should share with you about me and my parents. Well right now i am into fashion designer .. i came to west Africa t learn a fashion designer and textile..I got into this just to support my career life since i have lost the parents who supposed to be in support of me when ever i need their help around….but this is my 1 month and 2 weeks now in West Africa. and i only have some few weeks left here to accomplished what bring me down here. and then i will be going straight down to my place to settle down and meet my Mr right. lol well i haven’t know him yet but i am sure i will be meeting him someday soon..Well I hope i haven’t bored you with a story of my life? Anyway i am just trying to let you know more about my past and my present time now. And i am willing to get to know more about your too. And i believe you will be so much happy to share more about your self with me as well. I hope to hear from you soon. So i can tell you more of what i am really interested in and and my personality

A couple of times after that she messaged me but I didn’t respond. She wanted me to respond to her last email. I just left it alone. Today, she messaged me again. All the time she calls me “hun” like we are so close. All I know is that I don’t know where so why would someone be so friendly. Of course, this time she cut to the chase and the sob story started.

(1:15:19 PM) Jenny Smiths hi hun
(1:15:26 PM) Jason Shultz hi
(1:15:38 PM) Jenny Smiths how r u doing hun?
(1:15:45 PM) Jason Shultz good. just working. u?
(1:16:00 PM) Jenny Smiths I am sad
(1:16:05 PM) Jason Shultz why?
(1:16:09 PM) Jenny Smiths i feel like kiling my self
(1:16:19 PM) Jason Shultz why?
(1:17:44 PM) Jenny Smiths Well i am having a Lil problem right now Hun….I am having a Lil problem paying my last bill on my exam And the man taking care of the exam down here is really yelling at me Hun I don’t know what to do Hun Can u help me Hun,I promise am gonna pay back….I promise i gonna pay back baby and i m assure u that u wont regret helping me Hun..
(1:17:52 PM) Jenny Smiths I gonna be back home next week Monday Hun i promise to pay back as soon as i get back home Hun
(1:18:10 PM) Jenny Smiths I am not asking u for much ok
(1:18:21 PM) Jason Shultz how do I know you are real?
(1:19:43 PM) Jenny Smiths I am for real hun believe me i wont disapoint u plz baby
(1:20:58 PM) Jenny Smiths I really need ur help i assure u that u wont regret helping me ..i know is very had for some one to send money to person i havent see before but try and understand me i will pay back ok

I tried to get her to prove she was real. I wanted her to take a photo holding a newspaper or something. Of course, she wouldn’t do it. Her internet connection was too slow she said. Finally, I decided it wasn’t going anywhere. I ended up blocking/reporting her profile and left it at that. Pretty standard Nigerican scammer stuff. It just shows that the scammers are also experiencing the power of Facebook and social networking.

One day after her profile was shut down, she’s already recreated it with the same photo and name and most of the profile info is the same.


  1. Hi Jason,Today, I was messaged on Facebook by someone named “Janny Smith.” Much like the situation you described, her message appeared completely out-of-the-blue, and read as follows:
    “Hello how are you doing and how is the going over there?i saw your profile and i really like you and i would love to know you better maybe we can be good friends I believe that the best of relationships start with a great friendship… so if you would like to make an investment in time to get to know one another, I would love to hear from you. I am looking for someone with similar qualities and goals.You must be honest, open minded, a great communicator, and hard working and i just need soul mate and i want to read from you and see i we can develop a solid relationship together please send me your email address or you email me more about you to [email protected] we can also chat on yahoo messenger to get to know each other yahoo messenger id is jannysmith20.”
    As you could probably guess, I was suspicious of the sender of the message. So, I did a little digging via Google, and came across your blog. Needless to say, the similarities are indeed striking.

  2. I got this email from someone claiming to be a Jane Micheal it has lots of similarities compared toJenny Smiths June 15 at 12:23pm:How are you doing today ?nice to read from you and this really show how much you are really interested in me.Well i know once we are able to be honest to each other, I believe this would help us to be opened all about each other completely and it also would help us to understand much about each other very well. Anyway i would like to tell you more about my self and i am writting this email to you with honest and truthful just for you to understand more about me and the kind of person i am. And i am using this opportunity to tell you more about my life story and what i have experience too about my parents, when i am at young age. Ok let me start from here. My name is Jane, I am 26 years old. I am the only left child of my parents and i am also a single lady never been in marriage with any man and i have no kids yet but i am willing to have one with someone who is ready to be loved by the beauty of my heart and who’s looking for a long term relationship. Well my dad is from wilmington in Delaware and my mom is from spain. My dad and mom got to meet in Spain and thats where i was born. I grew up with my mom and dad in spain but when i was at age of 14years my mom and dad had a missunderstanding on their relationship so dad had to leave me and mom in spain,when i got to the age of 15 my dad and mum settle the misunderstanding between them and we went to Delaware to meet dad and started living happily again….Well My dad and mum including my junior brother traveled to Alaska on getting back they had a car accident then i was at the age of 22, After their death i started staying with my mom`s younger brother in phoenix 620 N. 2nd Ave. APT. 213 Phoenix .him and his wife thought me how to do things on my own how to do fashion,model and stuffs like that,i lived with her for about 3years before she had cancer and also passed away,well i started practicing mostly fashion after her death,i achieved a lot of money within 2years and just last year i decided to import in some goods with the money and stop the fashion thing for sometimes because it makes me travel much but all the goods perished on the sea,i invested basically all my money on it ,then i feel like hell and i could not think about whats happening to me for a while,but i always think that is the importance of parents in my life and a good man because if they were alive i would not have think about invested into such bussiness like that with all my money…and now am working with the motherless babies home.. and right now i`m in Charlotte in NC and on planing to get back to phoenix.well here is just some part of my life and will love to read back from you too..tell me more about your self.¬†Thanks¬†Jane.