WRT160N Routers Redirect Requests to Twitter and Facebook


I’m not sure how many people are experiencing this. It seem that over the past few months, whenever I try to go to Facebook or Twitter I randomly end up being redirected to another website, usually MySpace. Why MySpace? I have no idea.It only started happening after I got a new router. What was the router I got? WRT160Nv3. I tried different DNS including Google, OpenDNS, my local ISP (Charter) and nothing worked. I bypassed the router and used setup my wifi adapters DNS. I even removed from my wifi adapters DNS and that didn’t solve it. It happens sporadically. Even doing ipconfig /flushdns wouldn’t always solve it. I finally zapped the firmware on the router and replaced it with dd-wrt. So far no problem.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? Any ideas on what is causing it? Is it DNS poisoning by someone who really likes MySpace? Is there an exploit/flaw in the WRT160NV3 that allows this to happen?


  1. I dont think Linksys/Cisco have made this such thing. They are professionals.Maybe your computer is infected or something like that. Maybe your browser has a “magic toolbar” that are doing this…
    This router is pretty good!