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How To Generate Leads With Social Media


Were you aware that “Social Media” is the top emerging channel for lead generation? In this economy, Lead Generation is on the forefront of every business owners mind. Getting people on the phone calling you (or you calling them), getting bodies through the door wanting to buy your goods and services. That’s what people are needing right now.Here’s some numbers for you. 51% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitter followers said they were more likely to buy from the companies they “liked” on Facebook or “followed” on Twitter.

Social Media is the most important emerging channel for generating leads you can use right now. If you want to drive traffic to your website. If you want to get people calling you. If you want people to get to your store or business you have to be using these tools.

How can you use Social Media to for Lead Generation?

First there is one of the founding fathers of Social Media: Twitter. Spend some time each day on the site to promote your brand. You can do this by posting about events or information that is relevant to your company. Don’t spend the entire time talking about “me, me, me.” Share information, show that you are knowledgeable in your field. Be helpful to others. Social Media is about being social, not posting updates 24 hours a day to come to your site. If you are helpful, relevant, and knowledgeable (humor helps, too) people will follow you AND visit your site.

Second, get your business on Facebook. You absolutely must have a Facebook Business/Place page. These days as many people search for your business on Facebook as they are searching for your business on Google. If you aren’t on Facebook it’s almost as if you don’t exist. The good news is, if they don’t find you on Facebook they “might” search for you on Google. It’s getting that serious. Don’t make the mistake of creating a “Profile” page instead of a Place page. That just makes you look like an amateur. Profile pages are for real people. Places pages are for businesses. You run the very real risk of having someone report your profile page as not a real person and getting it knocked off Facebook. Again, this is something we are very skilled in and can help you get setup. Here’s what our Page looks like: Open Sky Media.

Once you are on Facebook properly, you can spread the word about your business. Recommend your page to your friends and family and enlist them to help spread the word about your business.

Third, add the important Social Media links to your site. I’m sure you have seen them before. They are little squares with Ts (or little blue birds), F, orange radar waves, and a handful of others. The T (or blue bird) links to your twitter profile, the F is, of course, for Facebook, and orange radar wave square is for RSS feeds. A lot of times you will see others for Linked In and some others. Don’t worry about doing this yourself, my company or your own web developer can easily add these for you. Just make sure the other work has been done first.

Fourth, add your physical business to FourSquare. With over 5 million users FourSquare is one of the titans of geolcation social media. If you have a physical business that people come to visit then you must be on here. After FourSquare you should be on Yelp. But, you must be on FourSquare first. With FourSquare, people look you up on their phones using the FourSquare application. They get points for visiting your business and earn badges as well. One way to attract their attention is to advertise specials on their site. This shows up as a orange/yellow flag next to your name and on your businesses page. This is a great tool for driving foot traffic to your business.

These are just four quick tips on generating leads and driving traffic to your business. It gets much more in depth after this and not something easy (or interesting enough) to write about in a short article. If you would like to find out more please email or call me at 928-239-4162. We would love to show you how we can help build your business.

  1. Hi,I feel that Social Media is the cheapest and the most effective option of connecting with potential customers. It is certainly here to stay. We have got many new small business clients and also professionals(doctors), who are using Social media to connect with their clients…and to collaborate…It is important that the business decides before hand what they want to acheive – Branding, Word Of Mouth, or Just Sales…and then take the approach that best matches these goals…

    • Search engine optimization, better visual appeal, longer visitor retention. Those are three things I can think of off the top of my head. It’s no different then a well designed brochure. You bring the customer in, present the material in a pleasing way, and guide them through the process until they buy. If the brochure or website is poorly designed and there is no clear path for the customer to follow then they will bail out. That is exactly what you don’t want.

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