Internet Explorer 9 Lives – Are You Getting It?


Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 this morning. I briefly tried it out and for the most part it is very nice. In fact, I would say it’s really nice. And if you aren’t already using Chrome (or even Firefox) then IE9 is a must have. I would have considered using it longer but I’m still not happy with the developer tools that are built into it. I really like the developer tool in Chrome. I like being able to right click some section of a web page and having that code show up at the bottom of the browser window. I also feel that Chrome does a better job then IE9 when I click on code in the tool window and having it highlight in the browser window.That’s not to say there aren’t some very cool features in IE9. Being able to pin a web page in the task bar is really neat. Internet Explorer 9 also supports HTML5 (and web standards in general) way better then previous versions. It’s also really fast. GPU¬†acceleration¬†for rendering web pages is also a big bonus. Finally, IE9 is adopting the Firefox way of handling downloads.

With all things considered, I think that Internet Explorer 9 is a very viable browser and is a significant step forward. If you are interested in downloading Internet Explorer 9 you can download it here.