How Can You Get The Most Out Of Facebook?


Facebook is continually growing in popularity. It’s used by millions of people every day for personal communication. You may even be aware that a growing number of businesses are using it to reach out to their customers and potential customers with increasing success. It’s an amazing tool for targeted communications!
With the scope and magnitude of it’s reach it does seem that Facebook isn’t going anywhere. Unlike MySpace before it, it seems to have reached a stage in development where it’s established itself as one of the main web properties that people go to. Businesses have woken up to that fact and realize that they need to leverage that for their own commuications as much as possible. No longer content to be Mega Corp that you only talk to when there is a problem with your bill or your package didn’t arrive. Mega Corp is now your “Friend” on facebook and the business that you “like.” It’s no longer Mega Corp in some far away city in New Jersey. It’s now your neighbor who you like enough that you let them borrow your rake.

Studies are showing an increasing number of people have ditched traditional email in exchange for Facebook messages. Don’t let it fool you, though. Messages you send as a business on Facebook should be well thought out and woreded to acheive maximum success for your business. They should be short and to the point so you hold your audiences attention and keep them interested. More importantly, leave them wanting more!

On the subject of sending messages, you may be wondering what types of messages you should be sending? Do they want to hear about your cat, “Mr. Whiskers?” Perhaps if your business is geared towards pet owners and cat lovers in particular. But if your business is an oil exploration company or involved in waste mangement then no they probably don’t.

Here are some good types of messages you should be positing on your businesses’ Facebook page:

Content: If you want to be successful on Facebook, the best way to do it is to share your content. If people think of you as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your particular field then posting content related to that field on a regular basis will only enforce that. Promoting discussions on your page will help drive people to want to buy the products or services that you are selling.

Questions and Answers (Q&A): A great way to promote discussions on your page is buy asking questions. Companies like Mashable and Discovery are big on this. The writers for Stuff You Should Know (A Discovery Property) have a strong Facebook presence and regularly ask questions of their audience. They have built a strong community and call their followers the SYSK Army.

If you want answers, then you need to be asking questions. Thought provoking, interesting questions posed to your audience can lead to amazing results. What’s more, it will give you valuable insights into your audience. The more interaction you have with your audience will give you insight into what engages them, what motivates them, and will guide you on how to build up that audience even more.

Facts: Sharing facts that are specific to your industry is a great way to reinforce your SME status. Little snippits of information that is relevant to your industry and informative to your followers are like candy to your readers. They’re quick, lite in calories, provide a quick boost, and leave your audience wanting more. What’s more? It’s energizing for you as well to provide your followers with some knowledge they didn’t already have!

Humor: A little ray of sunshine is always welcome on a dreary day. If you can give your audience a little emotional pick me up during the business day it will pique their interest and lead them to want to find out more of what you have to say.

Promotional Deals: People crave a good deal. They especially love to share a great deal! Nobody wants to brag about how they got a bum deal. And if they do, it sure won’t be positive! But, if you can give them a smoking deal they will shout it from the mountain tops. Better yet, if they hear someone talking about a service that you offer and you posted a coupon on your page that will save them some money, guess what? They’ll very likely tell that person to go to your page to get that deal and save a buck or two. It’s even more important in this economy! People are always looking for deals!

Keeping It Simple: How often have we heard: Keep It Simple, Stupid! It’s true. You’ll notice that all these tips are simple. Don’t be overwhelming to your audience. Pace your updates so they don’t come in too fast or too frequent. Maybe your audience isn’t big on discussion. Short and simple messaging will have a strong impact in that case.

In Conclusion

We all know how important Facebook is right now. It’s important for communication with friends and family and it’s important for communication with our customers. Everyone is trying to decipher how best to use it. Keeping your messaging specific and on target is important to that communication with your audience.