Celebrating Packt Publishing’s 1000th Title


I’ve been a big fan of Packt Publishing. Among my large collection of leather bound books you’ll find a special section dedicated to their books. You could call it a place of pride in fact. I recently became acquainted with them when they released some CodeIgniter manuals which I wrote about here. I quickly bought the next book in the series and reviewed it here.Packt Publishing is also a big fan of Open Source as am I. They sponsored an awards program and have been continued sponsoring it for years. As a supporter of Android, using Linux as my primary OS, developing on PHP, and creator of an open source CMS project, you could say that Open Source Software holds a special place in my heart.

Packt Publishing feels the same was as I do about Open Source. So I have no qualms about supporting Packt Publishing. In fact, by supporting Packt you help support many of the Open Source projects you love because they donate towards them. It’s a win/win and the circle continues!

Find out more about Packt Publishing, their 1000th title, and a special promotion they are running right now!