Avoid Any Client Who Says These


All of these statements mean they want you to work for nothing.

  • This will give you great exposure.
  • I just want something to show the boss so he’ll hire you. 
  • Help us now and we’ll pay you when we get rolling.
  • My job is on the line. Can you help? 
  • Let’s trade.
  • You can get in on the ground floor of this exciting new business.
  • I’ll pay you with shares in the company. (Ok, if it’s Apple or Samsung, say yes.)
  • We just want to see what you can do.
  • We just need a mock-up.
  • How about I make you my partner? 
  • Do the work now and I’ll pay you at the end. 
  • Can I run by and pick your brain?
  • Let’s just jump on a call with the team and toss some ideas around.
  • We’ll build this cost into the next project we hire you for.
  • My personal favourite: “This piece will be great for your portfolio.”  Um, thanks. I guess you would know better than me what works for my portfolio.