Meet Taylor Chapman of Florida

This lovely lady had a negative experience at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Florida. This negative experience quickly escalated into an 8:10 second video she recorded of herself going off on the staff the next day.  

Prior to her Dunkin’ Donuts production, Chapman–who attended Nova Southeastern University in Orlando–appeared in several marketing videos for local Florida businesses (including, as seen above, Happy Wok in Lauderhill). While her LinkedIn page lists her current employee as a medical device firm, an employee there said Chapman has not worked for the company in over a year.

On her Twitter page, Chapman writes that, “I have my bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing and I am working towards my JD in Law now.” She adds that she is “happily engaged” to her boyfriend, with whom she lives.

She also doesn’t seem to care much for her Fiance. She told another customer that she expected them to do bad things to her food so she wasn’t going to eat it. Instead, she planned on giving it to him when she got home. That’s very nice. 

She thought that the Internet would be on her side about all this. However, she is getting a reality check by finding out that there is no sympathy to be found for her. Oh, the Internet can be so fickle sometimes. 


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