The Value of Hard Work When Being a Developer


A really great article on being a web/software developer and the value of hard work and persistence. I see so many of my friends jump from job to job staying at one place for a year to at most three years and then off to the next thing. Persistence and stick-to-it-ivness doesn’t seem to be trait held in high regard anymore. Maybe I was just raised old fashioned, but I feel like sticking it out at my job and not jumping ship when I get bored. There’s so much work to do and so many clients, why should I leave? Every day I’m doing something new.
If I get bored, there’s plenty of weekend projects to work on to try some new technique or coding practice out on. I understand about building your skills and staying relevant. That doesn’t require a whole new job change, moving my 401k, etc. Talk to your IT Director, volunteer to do a project using some new framework or whatever. If you stick to it, you can explore and grow and bring your whole department with you. Everybody wins.


  1. Here is an interesting series on job hopping. The last post actually talks about the article you linked to.
    Sometimes you have to hop jobs to better your position, salary and your skills. Definitely don’t be someone that changes jobs every few months because you are “bored”. But if a good opportunity comes along or you are burned out (something that the author of the article you linked to doesn’t think is real) then switch.