Programming’s Hardest Tasks


Thanks to some hard work and perseverance, we have uncovered what Developer’s consider to be the hardest tasks they undertake to do their job. As you can see, “Naming Things” leads the pack at 49%. Shockingly, “Explaining What I Do” comes up second at 16%. “Estimating Time To Complete Tasks,” “Dealing With Other People,” and “Working With Someone Else’s Code” make up another ~1/4th.
The rest make up another smaller slice of about 10% with minor things.  It’s an interesting pie graph that I’m sure many of us can agree with. I’m still surprised at how high “Naming Things” ranked in the list. I really thought “Dealing With Other People” and “Explaining What I  Do” would rank higher. Possibly taking as much as half.

Either way, it’s interesting. What’s the hardest part of your job? Do you agree with this list or did they only interview whiners when they did it? Share your thoughts in the comments!