A Special Message from Bill Gates on RedditGifts


I signed up for RedditGifts this year (as an Elf no less!). Today in my email I saw this and wanted to share. Even if you aren’t participating in RedditGifts you can still utilize the link to help make the world a better place for a needy family.

A special message from one of our participants—Bill Gates

While you’re searching for the perfect gift for your match, I hope you’ll also consider adding a little extra, say in the form of chicks, honeybees, a goat, a camel, or a heifer.

That’s what I will be doing this year through Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that provides animals and services to needy communities around the world. You can make a donation to Heifer in your match’s name—for example, $20 buys a flock of chicks. Just go to  www.heifer.org/redditchicks and follow the instructions. It’s a great way for your gift to have a lasting impact on someone’s life.

If giving animals doesn’t appeal to you, consider a donation to one of the thousands of other organizations participating in this year’s #GivingTuesday. If you need a suggestion, you can look at the four organizations that Melinda and I highlighted this year.

Have fun with Secret Santa. I’m eager to see how this all turns out.