This may be the craziest email I ever received.


I received an email this morning that absolutely blew my mind. I have no idea if this is really just spam, or if this person actually believes what they wrote. The list of email addresses that it was sent to was as astounding. I’m pretty sure I’m probably on a watch list of some sort just by receiving it. Anyway, here’s the email:

Subject: FW: Alert – Because may be you do not know that those could be used as weapon (Behavior Control)
Importance: High

Hello Sirs/Madams,

My name is William Alencar Barros. I am an Engineer with multidisciplinary formation and professional experience (Telecomm/Defense/Energy). I wish to ALERT you about the events that happened and still happening with me. The same could happen with you or somebody you know. Those equipment are new and if you do not have the technical knowledge, please ask Engineers (Electronics, Optical, Telecomm), Physicals and those who have experience with Defense.

Do you know the Edward Snowden CIA/NSA history ( It was about Top Secrete software. Mine is about Equipment and techniques.

I was living in Arizona USA, studying by my own, trying to find my way to work, with my B1/B2 VISA, my Canadian Resident Permanent Card and a lot of questions, like: Why did somebody put a little rock into my luggage in a hotel in Reno NV USA? The rock looks like a moon rock, volcano rock or a Meteor rock (see IMG_2083a.jpg). I was about to fly to Ottawa ON Canada and this “strange object” could be discover by TSA into my Handbag.

I do not know why this (these) Powerful group chose me. May be because my skills, and professional career. I served Navy and Army, worked for Nortel/Huawei, FMC Technologies, I fixed a Navy Ship in the middle of an Real Exercice, etc. May be because my behavior when I lived in Canada Ottawa/Montreal/Laval, Yuma/Mesa/Phoenix in AZ USA. I asked NOTHING from Governs. Or even may be because my ideas, some of them are news. Like my EveryThing God, for example. Or maybe because all of those.

Those equipment I did not see, but one of them I measured it with a meter that I bought.

1 – The First equipment is named “The Heat”. I believe it is some type or MASER ( or a simple Microwave emitter directed by a parabolic antenna ( The ray cross the walls (see picture image004.jpg). And if the wave have the frequency of 2.45 GHz, the ray warm up the water. The body, body cells have water. Thus, if the ray reach you your body warm up. Directed Energy Weapons already been used (

I did not see “The Heat” but I bought a Meter and took photos. My Microwave background is on a photo attached (Normal BackGround-a.jpg). When I felt part or my body warming up hard, I put the meter in front of it. It Overloaded. See photo (OverLoad-a.jpg). The same when my body warm up a little. See photo (Shift Frequency or Low Power-a.jpg, and Heating the XXX Gold Paralatinum.jpg).

Sirs/Madams, if the ray target your eye(s), head, stomach, HEART, it creates pain and discomfort, like headache, HEART attack. If target your sex organs pleasure. But how did they target you from outside? Simple, using hidden cameras in Fire Alarms ( , into (crossing) the walls ( , infrared (thermo) cameras, etc

2 – What could happen with a human body into a Magnetic Field? Magnetic field Constant (CMF) or Alternate (AMF) at very low frequency? Note that this is not an Electromagnet wave. It is only the Magnetic, generate by a simple Coil and alternate or not by Power Electronics Circuits (Inverters, Rectifiers, etc). Remember, the Blood have red cells have hemoglobin. And hemoglobin have IRON with electrons. Iron is a magnetic material.
Thus, I believe that the AMF shake you. At low frequency – 10 Hz for example – it could tremble you. Specially when you are in bed. You will have an impression that you are sick. And depend of the frequency and others technical factors (wave shape) it could disturb the blood flow, it could give you a sensation or HEART attack.( .
When Constant it creates a blood pressure increase, thus increasing your sex power or disturbing your sleep.
Sirs/Madams, again I did not see Coin generating the Magnetic Field outside the places I was. But measures could be done throughout the meter (
3 – Voices speaking in your head through some equipment and Persons. It is named Mind Control or for me “Dog Year”. First simple loudspeakers hidden into walls. Second, using a new technology: Sound from Ultrasound (,,, ) . Third, using Microwave Auditory Effect (, And finally persons, individuals, crossing your way saying sentences.
Those Voices have a goal to decrease your self-esteem. They said things like: “You need to fall”, “Lost your tall get a small”. My funny answered are: “The snail have legs to fly”, “Lost your small get a smurfet”, etc.
All those three type of equipment where used in me. Was (Am) I used as some type of Human Cobaia (Lab rat)? ( These Powerful Group are trying to Control my Behavior. To give an impression that I am sick. Are SickCare (healthcare) insurance mandatory this days?. But there equipment could be used empower your sexual organs. This is great but the way those persons want me to behavior is wrong. You could have sex with person(s) you do not know or want to. And – for example – have a kid outside you marriage.
On the street a lot of persons call(ed) me Fool. Thus I AM THE FOOOLL (Firm Optical Optimal Optimist Logical and Love). Simply because I walk on the street. I did not want to get a loan to buy a car. When I need one I rented it. I was living more or less with half or the minimum salary in AZ and paying my own rented apartment. I was very happy. I was doing 2/4 interviews per month. The job was close. Please see the USA Navy Letters attached, Phoenix Police, Mesa City, and I have a lot more from Great American Companies.
All those equipment, where used in the apartments and hotels I live(d) and visit (ed) in Phoenix AZ, San Francisco CA – in USA, and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The Dog Year in Ottawa ON Canada and Belo Horizonte MG Brazil.
Sirs/Madams does USA have a Independence Letter ( I was simply Living in Persuiting my Happiness. Does USA have a Constitution with a First Amendment ( Free press, religion, etc.
And more ( I am trying to find writings about the intentions of the USA Founding Fathers in writing the Second Amendment – for example.

I feedback what happened to Police, FBI. Note that in Brazil there are not Polices to protect, or better they work only for a class of Blue Blood Pigs. In AZ USA Police are good but why am I not receiving a feedback? (see my Drive License attacked). FBI said that Police needs to begin the investigation and Police said that this is a FBI case.

What happen(ed) with me is a CRIME and because it was repeatedly it is (was) torture. Because the nature of the crime and the amount of persons involved, I believe Secrete Services, and Persons from Political Parties was involved. From the “Dog Years” equipment I recognized voices timbre and accent of a lot of persons – Specially Very Famous Politicians. Do not have you the RIGHT of Disagree? Why did the Founding Fathers of USA wrote the First Amendment?
Allow me to ask you a question: “Why is the study of history important to the Future? And do you blindly believe in the Official State History? I read about that in a book: FEDERALIST Number 63 – Madison – “A good government implies two things: first, fidelity to the object of government, which is the happiness of the people; secondly, a knowledge of the means by which that object can be best attained.” Think about it!!!
This history is very long and I put more details on I wish to Alert you that you could be Spied in hotels, and the same could happened to you. Those Powerful persons could use those equipment to give you a Heart Attack sensation – for example. You will call 911 to take you to some hospital and the Doctor there could said to you that was nothing serious just too much work. And of course you missed an important meeting. Or, you are working to much, Slow down!! And more.

William Alencar Barros
[email protected] (Alias)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Skype: williamabarros

A collection of images and files came with this email. Here’s the images:

I have no idea what this is all about. I’m just putting it out there in case someone else receives an email like this. It’s pretty insane, really, and not what I expected to get on a Friday morning.

The 378 email addresses it was sent to included schools (including colleges, universities, and public schools (k-12)), newspapers, government offices (including state and local), and apparently me. I thought about including the list here, but I want to protect the privacy of those people and not provide more email addresses for spam bots to harvest.



  1. This hit my school district and another district this morning in Tucson. I found you when I was looking it up. It’s a pretty odd email, that’s for sure!

    • And as I wrote, I do not understand why Police, FBI did not investigate, In AZ USA Polices are Very Good. Ops!! maybe because they were advised that (I believe) CIA were using something new!!!!Ops!! Orin and Ann (a couple in Yuma AZ) car have a Front Plate with the CIA Name.

    • Hi Jennifer, I believe in the 2nd amendment, but my only weapon is my knowledge and my “Hungry” to learn more!!!And by the way, don’t you like my Skin Color?? It is Red on Summer!!!

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