This makes me laugh – Why You Hire a Professional


I get an email from a guy out of the blue saying (name changed out of courtesy):

Paul and I talked about it and we would like to change the host of his site. I can hold it on my server site and do all the work. If you would, please change the domain to point to:
at and at
Please feel free to verify with Paul that this is all right. Once done, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you.

-John Doe

He doesn’t CC the client, he just expects me to do it. He doesn’t even get the domain name right in the subject of the email. Well, I guess I’ll just get right on switching that domain name over. NOT. So, I contact the client and say:

I just wanted to verify this was correct?

I noticed that he didn’t spell your domain name correct in the subject line and i’ve never heard of this guy before. Normally, this kind of request comes from the client, not some random guy. The lack of professionalism and his inability to get the domain name right are red flags. Also, he didn’t bother to CC you on the email. So I need to verify this before doing anything.

I get an email back a day or so later with a statement about how he’s known the guy for 16 years and done other websites for artists and jazz so go ahead and do it. This morning I get up and do just that. I point the domain, suspend the old site and explain it’ll be pending deletion and wash my hands of it. And of course, when I go to the website later to see what’s there this is what I see. You’ve got to love it when a person hires a professional.

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