Everything is Coming Up Millhouse


Today is a great day! Why? Let’s start with last night:
My wife broke her Nexus 4 at work yesterday. Now, you might be tempted to say that was a bad thing, right? Normally, I’d agree. I’d been planning on ditching my Verizon contract to switch to T-Mobile and her phone breaking through a wrench in the plan. She’s on a different carrier and so spending the money on replacing her phone didn’t get me out of my contract any quicker.

But, being a good husband, I pushed forward and we went to the T-Mobile store after work. Might as well move her over anyway, right? The original plan was to just move her over and get a phone for her and I’d wait a month or two and then move myself. We ended up on a detour and got two Nexus 5’s. I ported my number from Verizon to T-Mobile and our two phones together ran less then what my phone by itself was on Verizon. Awesome!

Fast forward to this morning and it’s a beautiful foggy day in Utah. My phone is already setup since I’m on Android. All my apps were installed and data switched over. It’s great! I take the train in to SLC and when I get in I have an email waiting for me saying I have a free drink at Starbucks.

I get off TRAX at Starbucks at City Creek. I see four people roll into the shop in front of me. They’re in town for Outdoor World or whatever. As I walk in, they all get out of line to find some place to sit. I get my free drink, walk out and have only a two minute wait for the next TRAX to Gallivan.

I get into the office and what’s waiting for me at my desk? A box from LootCrate! It just keeps getting better!

Dare I say it? Am I having my own Summer of George? I just might be!