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What Are The Rails 4 ActiveRecord Migration DataTypes?


This comes up a lot, so I’m providing this handy list of Rails 4 ActiveRecord Migration DataTypes here for reference.
These can be used across all database types.

If you happen to be using a PostgreSQL database, then you have access to these as well:

  • :hstore - storing key/value pairs within a single value. (Learn more about this new data type)
  • :array - an arrangement of numbers or strings in a particular row. (Learn more about it and see examples)
  • :cidr_address - used for IPv4 or IPv6 host addresses.
  • :ip_address - used for IPv4 or IPv6 host addresses, same as cidr_address but it also accepts values with nonzero bits to the right of the netmask.
  • :mac_address - used for MAC host addresses.

Please note, that they will be stored as strings if you use those with a non-PostgreSQL database.



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