Zurb Foundation and Orbit Image Scroller


Odds are you came here because you are reading this because you are having an issue with the Zurb Foundation’s Orbit Image Scroller. You probably are running into an issue where it will scroll to the second image and then won’t go any further. You have tried clicking it back and forth, and it won’t scroll. Now it’s stuck. If you refresh the page, then it scrolls to the 2nd image again and then stops.

So, I’m happy to report that I figured out why it is happening. After googling, myself, trying to find a solution, I kept finding people reporting the problem, but almost no one reporting how they fixed it. This is how you fix it:


This  should solve the issue. Basically, you need to include the Motion JS Library and the Motion CSS file. If you are loading the code via CDN, it’s not going to be included by default so you have to do it yourself. The documentation on Zurb Foundation’s website is not very clear about that like it is on Bootstrap’s. 

Either way, this will take care of it and you’ll have an awesome slideshow on your site. I hope this helps! 🙂