Here are Six Front-End Development Channels on YouTube

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Donald Tong at Pexels

The Coding Train

If you love programming then this is the YouTube channel for you. Daniel Shiffman ins entertaining with his fun-loving attitude. His approach to programming is really approachable. So, when I’m looking to learn more about animating or even some machine learning, this is my favorite channel.

Low Level Javascript

Serious programming topics are broken down and explained with some really elegant code. It’s all low-level stuff but presented in a way you can actually understand. Get excited about building parsers or virtual machines with Javascript! This is the channel for you!


Do you want to learn how to use CSS Grid and also understand why front-end development was in desperate need of it? If so, then watch Jen Simmons’s LayoutLand. It’s the best series out there on the why and how of CSS Grid. You’ll learn pretty quickly that the CSS grid is extremely powerful for making beautiful, unique web designs that aren’t just based on 12 column grids.

Leigh Halliday

Leigh has incredibly high-quality React tutorials. If you’re looking for great examples for solving real-world problems with React, then definitely head to his channel. Don’t let the shortness of his tutorials trick you into thinking that there isn’t much detail. You’ll learn without being overwhelmed.

Ben Award

Ben has a range of great videos, with many of them concerning React related technologies. All his videos are informative and you will likely learn something new each time. He’s got his finger on real industry experience, so you’ll learn about current best practices and good computer science concepts.


As Stephen and David like to say, they are animation amigos, boolean buddies, and keyframe companions. They are really into web animation. They mainly use just HTML, CSS and (sometimes) a little bit of Javascript. This is quite literally the best channel out there for animation on the web. Each week they choose an animation on Dribble and attempt to replicate it in code for the web. If you want to learn animation then you’ve got to check out their channel. Coding is about solving problems and it’s inspirational to see how great programmers like them tackle each project.